Lawn Treatment

Do you have a lawn that needs some TLC but you don't have the time to handle it?
We've got you covered with of our simple 4 step treatment programme.

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Our simple 4 step treatment programme

1. Spring

We spread our mini granular fertiliser on your entire lawn getting your lawn off to a good start early in the year. The lawn is also sprayed with a selective weed killer to stop any early weed development.

2. Summer

The correct analysis of non scorch granular fertiliser is used to give optimum results. Your lawn will be sprayed again but this weed killer is specifically to tackle the more persistent species.

3. Autumn

A mini granular fertiliser is applied once again designed not to give too much growth but to work on building a strong healthy root system. The lawn is once again sprayed with weed killer to tackle any remaining weeds.

4. Winter

The final treatment of the year is a liquid treatment which will give rapid green-up but will also control any moss present in the lawn. This treatment will toughen the turf and enable your lawn to remain green through the winter months.

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