Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation is a more cost effective way of returning your lawn back to the lush green lawn you intended to have and will save you £££'s over turfing. This method will not give you the instant result you get from a newly turfed lawn, what we do however is re-invigorate and improve your existing lawn.

If your lawn has lots of bare patches and weeds and moss have taken hold of at least 25% of your lawn then renovation is the most cost effective way for you to have a great lawn. If your lawn has up to 50% weed and moss infestation and the soil is very compact then you may need to think of starting over and have a new lawn laid either from seed or turf.

Stage 1: Kill moss and weeds
Stage 2: Scarify to remove thatch and moss
Stage 3: Top dress, seed and feed
Stage 4: Over to you for regular watering to help transform your new lawn

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